Scope of Digital

Scope of Digital Marketing Career in India

If you are on this post, we know you are looking to join a Digital Marketing Course or searching for a Digital Marketing Training Institute. As we moved into the year 2020, the current global issue showed the need for online mediums so much that even rural India geared up to match the pace. In this post, we will walk you through the swelling numbers of internet users in the light of Covid-19, the future of digital marketing jobs, how to become a digital marketer, and different career verticals in the digital marketing field.

We will also talk about a few brands that have made it big using the heat of digital marketing. So, stay glued!

Why choose digital marketing?

It is said that by the year 2023, India will have approximately 666 million active internet users. So, should we say, online platforms are the cheapest means to market your product? Certainly yes, if compared to the traditional offline methods. Moreover, since the world has now seen a sudden shift post-COVID, brands have no choice but to reach where their customers are. Traditional companies like Unilever, Patanjali, ITC, etc. have also started to understand the ecommerce era, the power of social media marketing, and the nuances of Google algorithms.

Start-ups likeDunzo, Swiggy, Paytm, etc. too, take the convenience of digital space to be there around their users. Does this increase the scope of the digital marketing in India? Let’s take a look at various verticals, and job roles companies are offering.

The Career Scope in Digital Marketing – Job Roles in Various Verticals

  • SEO Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Graphic Designer. 
  • Video Editor
  • Google Ad Manager
  • E-commerce Experts
While the list can go on, there are a few careers in which one can choose to work independently, taking the edge of digital marketing. You can opt to become a Blogger, Youtuber, or even an Instagram Influencer. You can also work as a freelancer or become an entrepreneur.

So, how can you quickly enter the digital marketing field? While many online tutorials guide you about how things work in the digital space, you can enroll in a verified Digital Marketing Training Institute. You can begin with a basic Digital Marketing Course and gradually learn advanced digital marketing. Considering the current pandemic crisis, many courses are now offered online. You can learn at your ease, sitting at the comfort of your home.

Top 3 things companies look for while hiring a Digital Marketer

1. Digital Marketing Certification

You increase your chances of getting a particular job that you are eyeing, simply by having a Digital Marketing Certificate. Imagine there are two candidates for the same job role. Both are Freshers. One holds a certification while the other thinks he will learn from his first job. Who will get the job? Your guess is as good as mine.

2. Prior Experience

When you enroll in a Digital Marketing Course, you not only learn about the working of this digital industry but also get an opportunity to work on live projects. You can use this experience when applying for a job. This way, the company sees you as a trained asset.

3. Your Interests

Your interest in the field of digital marketing will speak aloud about your potential. You can keep your social media profile updated. You must also stay active on the social networking platform by participating in discussions.